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We are working on Redefining Aviation Safety Standards

BRS History

The key to the success of this project was the ingenious development of a parachute reefing system. BRS engineers repeatedly deployed a slidingring device that performed all the functions required.

Specific Altitudes

The system can function at altitudes under 300 feet AGL for the Cessna 150, and as low as 100 feet for ultralights.

BRS Success

Today, BRS is a company of 25 employees and annual sales of about $7 million. Over 18,000 systems have been delivered.

Few had tried to apply the idea to create a parachute for an airplane, despite the fact that it was talked about for almost a century. Because of year, Boris Popov of Saint-Paul, Mn, lived a 400-foot-fall in a hang glider that was collapsed. I became upset at my inability to make a move As I fell,” Popov described. “I ‘d time to toss a parachute.

The BRS parachute needed to be incredibly lightweight and capable to be packaged into a container that is little. It required to set up immediately at speeds that were slow to enable low elevation crisis saves, but more gradually at high speeds to avoid structural failure of the canopy in high-speed diving crises. Visit www.giftery.com.au to see their extensive range.

The setup with this plane was still another large step ahead in building recognition and credibility in the overall aviation people.

The main element to the success of the endeavor was the innovative development of a parachute reefing program. A device comprising a sliding band that done all the features needed was frequently set by BRS engineers. The patented slider” that is “ continues to be instrumental in preserving the lives of their passengers as well as several pilots around the planet. This invention has empowered bigger chutes to be created by BRS for quicker, more sophisticated aircraft.

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Soaring Success
In still another SBIR grant that was recently finished, BRS engineers analyzed and earnestly investigated designs that may be useful for jet air craft that was mild.

BRS is a firm of 75 workers with annual revenues of about $9.2 million. BRS over 199 1-99 lives. Saved h-AS offered over 25 25,000 of its parachute methods and h AS In 2004, EASA and the FAA both qualified a BRS parachute program to go combined with the 172 certifications. The firms’ products can be bought globally.

Flight Layout GmbH of Germany, and Cirrus Layout of Duluth, Mn equally boat BRS techniques as a typical part of their plane. Cirrus is the No 1-attempting to sell Single-Engine air craft, while Flight Design is the Number 1-promoting Mild Activity Air Craft (LSA). BRS proceeds to create much more able and bigger parachute systems for faster and bigger aircraft. Lately, BRS added internal canopy stitching ability, and today with all the packaging and construction process, BRS gets the capacity to make the parts that were crucial in house.

We at BRS consider that adding products that are first-class to our expanding line of air travel safety devices is an all-natural progression. It ’s perhaps not consistently groundbreaking every time we think of a a fresh setup for our goods,” states Larry Williams. “What’s significant is that we carry on to find programs that complement our business’s 25-yr background of locating approaches to improve security in more and more aircraft

BRS Landmarks

2009: BRS triumphs $20M in defense contracts over

2007: Cirrus LSA includes BRS standard

2007: Purchases Headlights Corporation and BRS creates Innovative Tactical Manufacturing

2007: Lancair Evolution declares BRS setup

2007: Diamond Plane Announces Improvement Plan for DA50 with BRS

2007: 200th Existence Saved by BRS Entire-Plane Parachute System!

2007: Cessna Gives BRS as Alternative on Starts Offering 172/182 Retrofit and LSA

2007: BRS Develops Un-Manned Parachute Retrieval System for Aerospace Investigation Center

2007:Fall evaluations for Nextgeneration Parachute Techniques Begin

2006: Flight and BRS Style declare the CT LSA air craft will send as a regular on the United States having a BRS 1350 parachute -delivered planes.

2006: Symphony and BRS increase FAA approval for an STC about the Symphony 160.

2005: Award is received by BRS from Aviation Week & Area Engineering Journal.

2004: Deloitte & Touche recognizes BRS as among the fastest-expanding engineering businesses in Mn.

2004: BRS -182 parachute program.

2004: BRS-172 receives European Aviation Security Company (EASA) acceptance for European setup on Cessna 172 versions.

2003: parachute canopies were created by BRS to be used on bigger aircraft, along with the brand new LSA type of airplane.

2002: BRS acquired its 2nd Phase NASA SBIR grant to carry on the improvement of a sophisticated parachute system for faster and bigger aircraft.

2001: BRS acquired its 2nd NASA Phase-I grant to examine the feasibility of having a parachute system which might work on plane up to, using pounds and 350 nautical miles 5,000 a constant dis reefing also that is system technological progress. to other

2000: Cirrus and BRS started development of the parachute method for another generation Cirrus, the SR-22. The kind certification, including BRS’ parachute program as standard equipment, was obtained in November 2,000.

1999: The NASA follow the ATK and also deal jobs that are unmanned were both finished.

1999: First consumer deliveries of the SR-20 took place.

1998: A combined effort between Cirrus and BRS Design led to the initial regular gear FAA-qualified emergency parachute recovery method to be set up in the Cirrus SR-20.

1996: BRS acquired a follow-on grant from NASA to further investigate thin movie parachute improvement. After in 1996, BRS acquired an agreement to give AlliantTech with a retrieval system for use on a prototype un-manned aircraft.

1994: BRS acquired its NASA grant to get a proposition to investigate utilizing slim movies for parachutes.

1994: BRS produced its first consumer deliveries of the Cessna 150 method.

1993: the STC was obtained by BRS.

1986: BRS went community to produce financing for the advancement of parachute techniques for use in the typical aviation marketplace.

1982: BRS products were released.

1980: Ballistic Recovery Techniques was started.

BRS is a company of 25 employees

BRS has won four SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) awards from NASA!

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